I cannot guarantee publication or agency as a result of mentoring, but I can guarantee that you write a better manuscript.

My key skills are not only that of a teacher, but as a writer. In other words, I won’t merely critique or develop your ideas, but use my own imagination to help find a way forward.  This falls very short of co-authoring, but it is also more than just teaching, since I am highly proactive in the creative process and spend a lot of time brainstorming with my clients.

I am also unfailingly honest  ( although also unfailingly gentle ) in my assessments of your writing potential. This cannot be taken for granted – many creative writing teachers are largely there to bolster confidence and underpin motivation. I endeavour to do both these things, but not at the cost of it undermining my critical skills.  If you really want to know whether you are capable of writing a novel or not, I am certainly a good option for you.

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